Retrofit and maintenance of NDI ESCOFFIER plant

YEAR: 2019-2020



RETROFIT intervention and extraordinary maintenance on the NDI ESCOFFIER system

The RETROFIT activity of the NDI-Escoffier plant involved the removal of the metal plates connected to the machine base (supporting the linear guides and racks).
The exposed metal surfaces of the foundation were reclaimed by removing the unstable external layers and subsequently treated with rust converter and painted.
It was also performed:


  • ┬áthe assembly of the new metal plates, protected on the surface with electro-galvanizing, to support the new linear guides and racks.
  • the assembly of linear guides, runners and racks, previously protected with a chemical nickel surface treatment.
  • the replacement of the pinions on the two motorized groups of the X and X1 axes, applied on the shafts by means of locking assemblies.
  • the installation of a new lubrication system, with gradual release lubricant cartridges.

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