YEAR: 2021



Supply and installation of machines for mixing two-component and three-component paints, a solvent still and a gun washing machine.

SUPPLY of five machines for the automatic mixing of paints, of which two of the two-component type and three of the three-component type specialized in the production of different types of enamels and primers both solvent-based and water-based, according to the proportions indicated in the technical specifications of the individual products.
All the stations are able to supply the finished product starting from the bases and catalysts, according to recipes set by PLC and repeatable with precision and can carry out automatic cleaning cycles of the circuits on board.
SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION of a still which, following a thermal regeneration process, allows to recover a high percentage of the solvent used to clean the machines at the end of each cycle and to make it available for manual cleaning of other parts present in department, ensuring a reduction in the consumption of these substances and consequently a reduction in the environmental impact of the entire process.
SUPPLY of airbrush guns and a “gun washing” station, to facilitate the cleaning of the guns at the end of each painting cycle: the machine uses specific spray cans to remove residues of water and solvent paints and the jet of compressed air, together with the brushes, makes the operation quick and effective.
INSTALLATION, in a room adjacent to the painting department (AtEx), of a new distribution QE, two power QEs and two control desks containing the PLCs, suitably designed to power the paint mixing machines and their equipment.

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