YEAR: 2019




Upgrading of purifiers in the service of the town of Matera. Improvement of automation and remote control of systems. Improvement of electrical systems..

Generator set installation.
Installation in the cabin of a general low voltage switch of suitable size to use the power of the transformer.
Installation of an automatic system for exchanging the network for the automatic management of the generator set.
Adaptation of all types of cables to the real needs of the field, evaluating the real steps.
Design, construction and installation of two utility management electrical panels.
The QBT supplies the users equipped with on-board switchgear and all auxiliary utilities.
The PMCC containing all the start-ups for the supply and automation of all the utilities directly managed by the control room.
The electromechanical part of the management and the pump start-up has been revised according to the entire group of users to be managed.
They have been designed for starting almost all the users who need it: state-of-the-art start-ups, almost all electronic, communicating in mod-bus for the automation part.
Automatic management of the plant through a central PLC installed on the control panel of the start-ups in the control room.
There are also two secondary PLCs in the field, which communicate via an optical fiber network that will be installed to transfer all the information. All the statuses and commands of the users will be sent to these PLCs as well as the management information of the measurement probes of the Hach Lange system provided.
In this way the process will be managed automatically and appropriately displayed and managed through the operator panel located on the start-up panel which will be installed in the control room.
Everything can be tele-managed through the control room as the system will be connected through the normal telephone network.
As an alternative to the PLC, however, for each pump start-up, the possibility of manual management will be provided, through suitable selectors provided on the panel front.
Furthermore, luminous lamps will be available on the same to display the status of all the utilities managed directly by the PMCC in the control room as well as the graphic panel for PLC management.
With the expectation of automation via PLC, multipolar cables have also been provided for transmitting the states and signals to the remote control system.
Remaking of the low voltage switchboard downstream of the transformer in the transformer substation.






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