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The T.E.A.Tek Group is a young business group that, since 2009, operates in the water sector, renewable energy and industrial automation. Group companies actively work throughout the european territories, with operational headquarters in Naples, Rome, Brescia, Catania, Lecce, London and Bucharest.
The Group bases its technical and trade know-how on the consolidated experience of its partners and collaborators among leading companies in the sectors in which it operates. The commitment to continuously upgrade their skills and the improvement of our services has allowed us to quickly satisfy the various needs of our customers.

  • Mission

    Our Group mission is the realization of high-tech systems or integrations with the commitment to pursue a policy that places the customer and employees at the center of activities, in full compliance with of the laws and rules regulating the quality of products and offered services, the environmental, workers health and safety, human rights.

  • Vision

    T.E.A., an acronym for “Telecommunications, Energy and Automation”, and Tek, from “Technology and Know-how”, represent the Vision of the Group oriented to continuous innovation and experimentation, to follow and anticipate the progressive changes in technology of the markets such as telecommunications, alternative energies and industrial automation.


  • T.E.A.Tek is the Group company that operates in the construction of photovoltaic systems, industrial automation and electrical systems with high technology contents. Since 2009 the company operates as Contractor or Direct Subcontractor in the realizations of plants.
    Today T.E.A.Tek has over 180 employees and collaborators with an average age of about 35 years.

  • T.E.A.Gest is the Group company that operates in the maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary, and monitoring of big photovoltaic plants. The company offers on the market repairing services and modification of existing plants, supervision and control, daily monitoring of the state of the plant, production analysis and periodic visits to the plants.
    Today T.E.A.Gest has over 150 MW of PV systems in service

  • T.E.A.System is a real estate company and provides “facility management” services to other Group companies. The company owns an industrial factory in Pomigliano D’Arco (NA).

  • Tek Energy is the only subcontractor of T.E.A.Tek, today has over 100 employees and collaborators. The company can provide all the materials and manpower that T.E.A.Tek needs to build plants in the United Kingdom.
    Tek Energy Ltd is a company 100% owned by T.E.A.Tek Srl.

  • T.E.S. is the Group company able to offer engineering services, construction of plants and telecommunications systems, photovoltaic systems and other systems in the renewable energy sector in Romania.

Health, Safety and Environment

T.E.A.Tek has organized its management system to guarantee the quality of products and services to the customers, the continuous improvement of the level of health and safety of its and others workers, the respect for the environment and social responsibility, in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2008, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004.
In particular, T.E.A.Tek aims to achieve customer satisfaction through verification moments of their satisfaction, quick response to any claims and the implementation of programs to improve the products and the offered services.
It also guarantees employee satisfaction through a continuous improvement of their professional preparation level, of the communication from top to bottom and from bottom to top, in order to obtain their involvement in the business processes improving and to make the work environment ever more secure.

Compliance with laws, with environmental standards, with workers safety and health care standards are always guaranteed by measuring and ongoing monitoring their main processes trends.

  • Quality

    Annual statistical survey to monitor customer satisfaction;
    Data and requirements registration system useful to improve services;
    Research and application of the best technologies for the development of products/services in order to ensure maximum reliability and quality;
    Adoption of the most modern techniques of customer support;
    Rapid responses to customer complaints.

  • Health and Safety

    Continuous monitoring of the workers health and safety and the fulfillment of relevant regulations through the measurement of special indicators;
    Constant implementation check of the prevention and protection proceedings, arranged by Management, through the works of the executives and safety officers;
    Constant reduction of the existing risks in the company through the work of the Prevention and Protection Services;
    Reducing business and social costs related to workers health and safety (third party too);
    Zero injuries and/or saved from peril;
    Improving the working environment and corporate image.

  • Environment

    Monitoring of compliance with environmental standards by measuring of special indicators;
    Systematic approach and attention to the prevention and reduction of environmental impacts of its operations;
    Improved waste collection;
    Progressive reduction of overall costs of compliance with environmental laws;
    Improved company image in terms of environmental.


With the D.P.R. 34/2000 have been set up private bodies with certification function, called S.O.A. (Italian acronym of Company Certificate Organism). The S.O.A. are subject to authorization and are under the control of the Authority for the Supervision of Public Works, they certify the companies whom wish to participate in tenders for the execution of public works.

The advantages for companies with the acquisition of the qualify are manifold:
Expand the own range of operations: the public market offers new opportunities for companies that want to begin operating in it;
Working as a subcontractor: the S.O.A. certificate guarantees the acquisition of subcontracted job orders for major public works;
Working with large numbers: forming stable consortia offers the chance to compete in tenders of high amounts;
Working with less bureaucracy: the certificate gives evidence of the absence of criminal proceedings, possession of bank references, regularity with its tax obligations and contributions, organizational technical capacity, to be in possession of the necessary equipment and to have enough staff to execute a public work.

During the certification procedure T.E.A.Tek demonstrated to possess the general and special requirements regulated by the old D.P.R. 34/2000, amended by D.P.R. 93/2004, useful requirements to obtain the certificate are to be found, by law, in the last five years of activities before the contract with the S.O.A..
The certificate is not only a legal requirement, but also a tool to ensure greater transparency and fairness, to protect competition between companies and end-users of the public works.


Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors. Under the Safecontractor scheme, Tek Energy undergo a vetting process which examines health and safety procedures and its track record for safe practice. Over 210 major, nation-wide businesses, from several key sectors, have signed up to use the scheme when selecting contractors for services such as building, cleaning, maintenance, refurbishment or electrical and mechanical work.

Solar, Realizations

T.E.A.Tek Srl, Tek Energy Ltd and T.E.S. Srl are the Group companies operating in the realization of plants of energy production with photovoltaic modules. Since 2009 they operate as EPC Contractor, Contractor or Subcontractor in the realization of civil, mechanical and electrical works of big Grid Connected plants.
The companies have at their disposal a patrimony of technical skills as to be able to intervene at all stages of the realization of the plants, from design to commissioning. Taking advantage of them experience in the field, it is possible to realize highly customizable supervision, monitoring and surveillance systems.

  • Organization Services

    Supply, installation and management of modular structures (offices, toilets, warehouses, etc.);
    Project management;
    Site and activities management;
    Safety management;
    Supply and installation of signage;
    Surveillance until the end of the work;
    Supply, installation and management of wheel wash systems;
    Traffic management;
    Waste management and disposal.

  • Civil Works

    Leveling and earthworks;
    Water drainage;
    Trenches for LV and MV cables;
    Supply and installation of manholes, electric and water pipes;
    Supply and installation of perimeter fencing with entrance gates;
    Realization of temporary and definitive roads;
    Realization of reinforced concrete bases and screeds;
    Movement and installation of inverters, transformers and delivery cabins.

  • Mechanical Works

    Supply and ground infliction of support poles;
    Supply and installation of metal support structures;
    Supply and installation of solar panels.

  • Electrical Works

    Supply, installation and labeling of LV and MV power cables;
    Supply and installation of optical fibers and serial communication cables;
    Supply and installation of grounding systems;
    Inverters installation;
    Main electrical connection installation;
    Supply and installation of junction boxes (JB);
    Supply and installation of weather stations;
    Supply and installation of monitoring systems;
    Supply and installation of security and video surveillance systems;
    Electrical grounding, isolation, communication and optical fibers tests.

Solar, O&M Service

T.E.A.Gest Srl is the Group company operating in maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary, and monitoring of big photovoltaic plants. The company can offer on the market services like repairing and modifying of existing plants, supervising and controlling, daily plants monitoring, analysis of production and periodic visits on the plants.

  • Civil Works

    Leveling and earthworks;
    Restoring and modification of water drainage;
    Supply and replacement of manholes, electric and water pipes;
    Supply and repair of perimeter fencing with entrance gates;
    Road repair;
    Repair of reinforced concrete bases and screeds;
    Green areas pruning and cleaning;
    Preventive maintenance with periodic visits to the solar farms.

  • Mechanical Works

    Supply and replacement of support poles;
    Supply and replacement of metal support structures;
    Supply and replacement of solar panels.

  • Electrical Works

    Supply, replacement and labeling of LV and MV power cables;
    Supply and replacement of serial communication cables and optical fibers;
    Supply and repair of grounding systems;
    Diagnostics and replacement of inverters and transformers;
    Diagnostics and repair of electrical main units;
    Diagnostics, repair, supply and replacement of junction box (JB);
    Diagnostics, repair, supply and replacement of weather stations;
    Diagnostics, repair, supply and replacement of monitoring systems;
    Diagnostics, repair, supply and replacement of security and video surveillance systems;
    Monitoring, analysis and diagnostics of solar farm production.


T.E.A.Tek has firmly established itself in the sector of automation and remote control of water processes. The need to refine and optimize the automatic control of water supply has been assisted by importing new technologies, over the years, from various industrial sectors.
T.E.A.Tek is present in the italian sector of water management since its constitution and it bases its roots in the maintenance departments of water supply thanks to the experience of its technical staff.
As Subcontractors of General Contractor or as Main Contractor, the company realizes higher technological complexity interventions and provides the last generation equipment.

  • Civil Works

    Leveling and earthworks;
    Water drainage;
    Trenches for LV and MV cables;
    Supply and installation of manholes, electric and water pipes;
    Supply and installation of perimeter fencing with entrance gates;
    Realization of reinforced concrete bases and screeds;
    Movement and installation of electrical control and power panels.

  • Mechanical Works

    Supply and installation of metal and PVC cable ducts;
    Supply and installation of metal support structures;
    Supply and installation of security metal shelters;
    Supply and installation of measurement instruments.

  • Electrical Works

    Supply, installation and labeling of LV and MV power cables;
    Supply and installation of copper/aluminum communication cables and optical fibers;
    Supply and installation of the grounding systems;
    Supply and installation of lighting systems;
    Construction, supply and installation of electrical control panels;
    Construction, supply and installation of electrical power panels;
    Supply and installation of inverters and soft starter;
    Supply and installation of monitoring systems;
    Supply and installation of security and video surveillance systems;
    Electrical grounding, isolation, communication and optical fibers tests.


T.E.A.Tek is able to offer solutions and systems for the industry, engaging towards the customer to provide all the services necessary for the work to be finished, complete and ready for use. The compliance with regulations and the advanced know-how in the fields of electronics, mechanics and information technology allows the company to operate safely in the evolving market.

  • Industrial System

    Machinery and production lines automation;
    Treatment plants automation;
    Industrial processes monitoring and control;
    Production management systems;
    Tracking and tracing production systems;
    Automatic handling management;
    MES and monitoring systems;
    RFID systems and storage systems;
    Revamping and retrofitting of machinery and industrial equipment.

  • Electrical panels and Equipment

    Design, construction and installation of electrical LV/MV switchboards and PLC/PC automation systems;
    Supply and installation of electrical MV/LV substations.

  • Railway System

    Monitoring and remote control systems and MV/LV electrical systems;
    Monitoring and remote control systems and station equipment (escalators, elevators, air conditioning);
    Obstacle Detection Systems with laser technologies to detect objects on the tracks without using platform gates;
    Automatic systems to manage and control tunnel and station fan systems;
    Communications systems to inform the public in galleries, railway and subways stations;
    NOC and SOC monitoring systems.

  • Traffic control

    Vehicles flow monitoring systems;
    Variable signaling and messaging systems;
    LTZ access control systems;
    Automatic toll payment systems;
    Traffic light control systems.

  • Security

    Design, construction and installation of video surveillance and access control systems;
    Intrusion detection systems and Security systems.

  • Maintenance

    Preventive maintenance;
    Corrective maintenance;
    Emergency maintenance;
    Stock management;
    Breakdowns repair;
    24/7 help desk.


T.E.A.Tek operates in the design and development of software systems with completely custom designed industrial applications, integrated or customized to the business realities of the customers.
Thanks to the complex and advanced organization of its employees, the company is able to automate the creation of applications providing reduced development time and higher quality standards, trying to get the best compromise between performance, technical requirements and budget.
T.E.A.Tek develops software for all the major manufacturers in industrial automation: Allen Bradley, Omron, Schneider, Siemens and Telemecanique.

  • Enterprise TLC

    Supply of equipment and systems produced by companies of primary relevance (Alcatel Lucent, Aurel, ERE Wireless, Nokia, Saiet, Siemens, Teltonika);
    Design and realization of computer networks, data networks for industrial applications, phone & Office networks, PABX, VoIP, video surveillance;
    Design and realization of public networks (Carrier Networking) and private networks (Corporate Networking);
    Consulting services and infrastructural IT outsourcing.

  • Wireline

    Long-distance transport networks with copper cables and optical fibers;
    Structured wiring and local, metropolitan and geographical networking (LAN, MAN, WAN);
    Junction networks and metropolitan optical rings (SDH, DWDM);
    Access networks with copper cables, optical fibers and HFC.

  • Wireless

    Mobile networks of second, third and subsequent generation (GSM, GPRS, UMTS);
    Realization of GSM-R networks (for railways);
    Realization of TETRA networks;
    Realization of WiMAX networks;
    Realization of WiFi & WLL access systems;
    Realization of radio links (VLF, LF, MF, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF).

  • Remote Control

    Remote control of distributed lighting systems;
    Remote control of gas and water networks;
    Remote control and automatic control of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) in buildings and houses

  • Monitoring

    Hydrological, rivers and floods monitoring systems;
    Environmental monitoring systems (acoustic, electromagnetic, weather, air and water quality);
    Expending detection systems (electricity, gas, water);
    Lighting monitoring systems;
    Electromechanical utilities monitoring systems;
    Systems for automatic meter reading (gas and water networks).

  • Software Solutions

    Software design and development to customer specifications;
    Software design and development for data communication;
    Software design and development PLC, HMI, CNC and PC;
    Software optimization and performance improvement;
    Software design and development for private companies, public administrations, schools and research institutions.


The T.E.A.Tek Group, with professionals coming from national and international major companies, offers high problem-solving skills that allow it to work in several fields of research and design.
It combines the instrumental knowledge for the development of the project with the ability to contextualize the assumptions of its engineering, development and putting into production within companies. In particular, it considers, in the formulation of its design proposals, constraints and resources of the business system in which it operates.


The S.I.Mon.A. project, an integrated system of expertise for monitoring, protection and control of water infrastructure, sewage and environment, aims to rapidly identify harmful substances in ineligible concentrations, piped into the urban water network, and the leaking sewage network due to its decay or punctual and sudden breakage, with the ultimate goal of minimizing the damage to infrastructure management and environmental damage related to the water services. In fact, unauthorized discharges, and/or not complying with the law, in city sewer are a serious problem for the managers of the integrated water service. Such discharges of toxic substances that reach the waste water treatment plants (usually in the biological cycle) may adversely affect the plants themselves, thereby causing the release in the environment of not tolerable concentrations of pollutants. Visit the Official Website for more information.


T.T.Control is an all-in-one system of intelligent automation and control that offers many advantages to the operator and to the system. Its configuration can be easily updated and does not need any additional control device, it’s possible to accurately select the hardware, by offering a system which presents a high level of standardization and fully compatible with what has already been installed. The continuous search for the latest technologies, and the most widespread on the market, provides full autonomy of changes or updates, simple and robust components make it an efficient and reliable over time with virtually no maintenance costs.


The T.E.A.Tek Group target is not to be just an executor, but a valid partner of its customers and suppliers. The professionality, reliability and creativity of its employees have significantly contributed to the growth and to the technological innovation of important groups in Italy and abroad.



Commercial Partners


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